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Look, I said years ago that I never wanted to go into politics. I also said that if I did ever decide to run that I would run as a republican because “They watch fox news and will believe anything”. If that wasn’t enough, my son stated publicly that “All of our loans come from Russia” as my unscrupulous business practices precluded any dealings with U.S. banks. It is no secret that I only ran for president because Obama pissed me off when he embarrassed me by producing his birth certificate.

But none of that seemed to matter. The party of “family values” embraced me, knowing quite well of my adulterous affairs, my constant demeaning of women and crotch grabbing of married women, none of which I have ever denied or apologized for. Then again, my insatiable ego has never let me apologize for anything ever. So, you all cheered at my rallies. I mocked a handicapped person, you cheered. I made fun of a genuine war hero, that’s right, while my daddy bought my way out the war, I stayed home and played sports with my bone spurs. Despite the inhumanities heaped upon him as a POW, no matter the amount of suffering he did for his country, my draft dodging ass made fun of him and you “patriots” cheered. I incited violence against anyone who spoke against me, even women and you cheered.

I promised that Mexico would pay for the wall and you cheered. I promised to disclose my tax returns, you cheered. I promised not to spend my days golfing, you cheered. I point blank said “Thank God for the uninformed voter” and you cheered me for insulting you! As a last ditch effort, I said that I could walk out in the street and commit cold-blooded murder and instead of showing your disgust, you cheered. You must admit, I tried awful hard not be elected, hell, I even stopped a security briefing 3 damn times to ask “Why can’t we just nuke them?” and still, there was no red flag. So, despite all my of my efforts to the contrary, despite not getting the majority of votes, you elected me. And women voted for me too! Proving my theory that women love to be abused, if the Muslims got one thing right it’s putting women in their place, them bitches obviously aren’t smart enough to see through my BS. I even I lied about how many people attended my inauguration and everyone believed me instead of their own two eyes!

I then tried to prove my ineptitude by stating that I didn’t know being president was hard. Or that health care was complicated. I showed that I didn’t know what uranium is. I insulted and offended every country I could, with the glaring exceptions of Russia and N. Korea. It’s common knowledge that I couldn’t have been elected without the help of Russia but the American people will never know the details because we redacted the hell out of that document. All you have to do is claim “classified” or “national security” and you can get away with anything. I should amend that statement though, the American people will never know the details of that document unless Putin spills the beans, I did tell him all about it of course.

Since then I have committed pretty much every crime I could hope to get away with. Using the office to promote commercial interests, letting people who are unqualified and not vetted have top security clearances. And when Comey got close to arresting me, I fired his ass! What really makes me laugh is that the “Christians” love me! I have never even gone to church in my life and when I finally did go, I wasn’t even sure if protestants were Christians at all. No matter how many babies I put in cages, no matter how much hate I spread, women I abuse or lies I tell, they still think that I follow Jesus. I told people that the press was the enemy and then when someone started killing news people, I left him to twist in the wind. I admitted that I consider the Klan, the Nazi party and the confederate states of America to be really fine people. Can you imagine, the president of the U.S. saying what good people our sworn enemies are? The height of being a traitor! I watched as children were shot and killed in there classrooms and did nothing, after all, my election funds from Russia were funneled the NRA. I will whore out every inch of this country before I oppose any corporation.

So yes, I tried very hard to lose the election and because nothing has ever been my fault, it’s all on you “patriots”.

-Donald Trump

Sexism in trump’s America

I realize that there will be no trump supporters reading this. If they did, I’m sure that my life expectancy will be significantly shortened or more likely, claim that I am just bitter, jealous, whatever. (Please know that there are monumentally worse atrocities being committed and that the life one individual is quite insignificant in the face of it and that if would a difference I would gladly make that sacrifice). Even you may think this reeks of bitterness or that I am merely making fun of them, I assure that this is not the case. Please, hear me out first. All of the evidence fits. I truly believe that all of the heartless, inhumane behaviors displayed by trump and the trumpies, can be traced directly back to feelings of sexual inadequacy. Whether these feelings are real or perceived, it makes no difference to their victims.

Could everything that is wrong with America today, stem from the fact that trump’s pencil is too short or that the lead has gone soft? Could the same afflictions explain the hatred, disregard for life, etc; displayed by his followers?

I came up with this theory while speaking to my neighbors the other night. I have no idea which way they voted of course but it started me thinking (they do indeed fit the profile). They are the kind of people who show an inordinate need of material possessions, a need that borders on obsession. Cadillacs, motorcycles, jet-skis, snowmobiles, etc; all the classic signs of overcompensation. Let me restart this though as first we should apply this theory to trump himself. We have all heard what small feet are supposed to indicate, right? Statistics have proven that this just is not true. Although I have not seen any scientific studies of this, statistically, there is a corrolation between the distance from the wrist to the end of the index finger and penis size. Trump is known to have tiny hands. The indicators of overcompensation are glaringly obvious. We also know that he cannot impress nor seduce American women and must marry those from poorer countries, countries where his money not only impresses them but can assure them that they no longer have to fight for their survival. Countries in which women’s rights are more than likely worse than our own.

No one can deny the fact that his poor little ego dictates his need to feel superior. If we consider the fact that black men have always had the reputation of being well endowed and think of how trump has surrounded himself with white supremacists, the pattern becomes even more obvious. Of course it is not just women and Afro-Americans who take the brunt of his misguided ego but Hispanics, Muslims, those in need, the handicapped, science and (what the hell!?!) even nature! Perhaps his loathing of nature can be more easily understood when we remember that nature is the visible manifestation of God and as this theory proposes, God has not been kind to him. Of course there are numerous examples of this, low IQ, 5th grade vocabulary, inept business practices, physical appearance, etc; (I normally do not judge on physical appearances but we all know that his grotesque appearance is merely a reflection of his malignant soul or lack thereof). All of these things prey upon this ever so fragile ego but none go as deep as sexual inadequacy. Nothing else could explain his lack of respect and loathing of women. One could almost believe that it borders on homosexuality but for the fact that I have never known any gays to despise women so vehemently.

But what does all of this say about the women who voted for him? What could possibly make a woman vote against her own rights? Vote against being treated with respect and the laws that protect her? How can a woman be persuaded to betray her own kind, to willingly accept the types of disrespect, maltreatment and degradation that this poor excuse for a human revels in? Being male, I must rely mainly on what women tell me but also know that I am quite observant and have been married twice. Women have told me that these poor deluded followers do so because they have been mistreated their entire lives and have never known anything else. That they have come to accept that this is just the way it is, males are superior and that is that. I certainly cannot argue with this logic, anyone who has ever seen a an abused animal can attest to it. And by the way, one of the worst cases I have ever witnessed was not physically abused but verbally abused. Believe me, it is every bit as devastating and is often worse. Physical wounds may heal over a time but emotional and mental scars are a totally different thing. I cannot emphasize this enough as there are so many who believe abuse to be physical and discount the affects of verbal abuse but I know for a fact that it can be every bit as debilitating and cruel.

What I cannot comprehend, let alone explain (although I have personally witnessed it) is that there are those who actually enjoy such abuses. I do not understand this as there are comparisons. I have certainly never heard of a dog who has been beaten to the point that it comes to enjoy it. What could possibly make a woman enjoy being treated like garbage to the point that they feel that they and all other women deserve such indignities? This is not a rhetorical question, I have not one inkling of an answer. Again, I have been told that it is because they have known nothing else, that they have been conditioned or “trained” to be subservient and again, I say I have never seen an animal trained to enjoy the whip.

May I propose another part to my theory? Any intelligent woman will probably hate me for this but as I stated before, I must rely on observations. What if such behaviors stem from these women’s own feelings of sexual inadequacies? Think about it, what could possibly make any woman feel that rape and/or abuse is not a crime? Could some deep ingrained conditioning make her think something like “…are you telling me that you got a man sexually aroused and didn’t want it?” or “Oh my God, I wish that grotesque man would fondly me illegally”. As disgusting as this may sound, I am at a loss for any other explanation (all rebuttals and other theories are more than welcome). This can also be said of the perpetrators of these crimes, “Bitch, I finally got it hard and you’re going to tell me no?!”. I do of course realize that there are those sick individuals who actually become aroused by a woman’s refusal. Either way, these crimes are pathetic and indefensible. And don’t tell me that women seduce men and then say no for the sole reason of claiming that it was rape! Although there probably has been some poor deluded soul that has done this before, are we to let one (in ten million) mentally deficient individuals dictate policy to an entire nation? Obviously the answer is yes because this is exactly what happens on a daily basis. And the men with their tiny brains, tiny penises and gigantic fragile egos that have no compunction allowing it to happen are just guilty as any rapist if not more so because they do so to the women with the courage to prosecute their attackers. These “men” do so even when their own family members have been raped! And perhaps the saddest of all, mothers who deny the fact that their own daughters have been raped and/or abused. I could never explain such things as I have trouble even comprehending such behaviors.

Then there are people like me who sit back and try to make sense of such things. Trying to apply logic to the illogical, trying to appeal to the morals of the immoral, the intelligence of the ignorant, the empathy of the unfeeling. All of which taking place in a nation that has allowed evil to be “elected” in the name of “Christianity” (believing that by raising the cross high enough, we can disregard the teaching of Jesus). A nation where birth control and nearly all women’s rights are on the verge of extinction, all while insurance companies pay out millions for men’s boner pills. It is no longer just a problem of a rich man having a little dick, but the fact that he is dragging both genders and a once great nation down into his own private hell with him. Please know that there are still sane, rational men, embarrassed and ashamed, doing what they can to resist.

Apology from an old guy

An open apology from an old guy

To the younger generations, I am so sorry. I honestly tried to help, it all seems so hopeless now, the poor, the middle, even the upper-middle class don‘t have a chance against the greed that has enslaved our once great country. Back in ’70’s we knew that petroleum needed to be phased out but big oil was running the show even back then. Forty years later and electric cars still haven’t caught on. They are perceived as “un-American”. Of course most things that make sense are un-American these days. Things that most every other country does, mainly, taking care of their own. Things that should be second nature, must now be fought for, food, education, health care etc; The only way we can get any of it is by making someone obscenely rich or richer. All of our basic human rights are threatened, especially now that we have a lying shit-bag president who cares about nothing but money and his ego. The saddest part here is that apparently, the more people you screw over, the more wars you start, the more people you kill, the more poor people you hurt, the more hate you spread, the more “Christian” you are considered to be. Basically, the more you go against what Jesus said, the more “Christians” love you. Of course there are smart Christians out there who see through this crap but they seem to be a rapidly shrinking minority now.

I have tried to warn people but it would seem that the “dumbing down” of America was huge success, bigger than I could have imagined. Now, here comes a generation that instinctively knows better and I will blamed for the destruction of the Earth along with everyone else. This is not what bothers me though, it is not about me. I’m sure that there are those of your generation that have gone along with the whole hate and destruction thing too. It shows you what I have been up against. People make fun of me for not “falling in line” with the insanity that has become so prevalent, after all, you don’t see many vegetarians that smoke cigarettes! Back when I quit eating meat (like 23yrs ago), it wasn’t because the meat industry was destroying the planet, I didn’t even know about all that back then. No, it wasn’t a health thing either (obviously), it was because anyone who is aware of others, anyone with a conscience, does not eat their friends. I know that sounds harsh because so many of us have been conditioned (read brainwashed) to believe that we are above the “lower” animals even though science tells us daily that animals do in fact have feelings, self awareness, etc; so I find this excuse weak.

Anyway, it all comes down to money. I would like to list each and every way it has and is, affecting our demise but such a task is truly impossible, that being said, here is my foolhardy but sincere attempt to do so:

Killing: Death is a huge business, trillions of dollars are spent on war. I’m not sure if the average person even realizes just how much a trillion dollars even is. Think about it this way, one million seconds is about 12 days. One billion seconds is about 32 years. One trillion seconds is over 32,000 years! One’s brain can hardly comprehend such astronomical sums of money. Yet, Bush the younger took over a trillion dollars from medicare to finance his trumped up wars. Stealing from public funds to pay for lies is hard to comprehend but it proves just how stupid and irrational people can be if you use the guise of “patriotism”. Add to this the fact that his “friend” (read puppet master), Dick Cheney’s company made over 60 million from of these unjustified deaths, we can start to see just how evil our government truly is and how gullible the public has become. Or, we can think about it this way. Bush absolutely allowed the 911 attacks to happen. Now that every expert in their field has stated that there is absolutely no way that jet fuel can burn hot enough to bring down the world trade center and that it had to be an inside job, people still believe it was all the terrorists fault. His secretary of defense stated that the FBI’s report was worded too vaguely and actually testified to this under oath. When asked what it said she replied (and I paraphrase) “It said something like ‘Al Qaeda plans to hijack airliners and attack American buildings” Then consider that the “airliner” that hit the pentagon, did not have wings! Remember that 14 of the 19 terrorists were Saudi Arabian and that the Saudi’s were the only ones allowed to fly after the attacks and that Bush held hands with the Saudi king and kissed him on the mouth, all the while convincing the American public that we needed to start a war in Afghanistan and Iraq!

If we raise the flag high enough, John Q. will commit any atrocity you can imagine. So we went in search of weapons of mass destruction. We went to take out a dictator that had killed 50,000 citizens and we did so by killing nearly 200,000, with a civilian casualty rate of 87%, Mission Accomplished! And what of the cost to our own children? Not even old enough to have a beer, they are shipped off to become both murderers and murdered. If these poor souls do realize that killing is wrong, they are filled full of antidepressants and sent back out to kill some more (read mind-control). What of the toll it has taken not only in the lives of the soldiers but on the families destroyed back home? There are no words strong enough to register my disgust (and yes, I did serve in the military although there was no war at the time).

If we have such total disregard for human lives, what chance do we have of saving animals? Everyone wants to believe that eating our animal friends is natural, just part of the food chain. So, we rape them, we fill them full of steroids, antibiotics, etc; etc; We deplete our water and other food supplies so they mature in a fraction of their natural life span. Then we kill them (most believe “humanely”) cut them up (BTW when I was young, we didn’t have to worry about their shit being in our food) and then talk about how delicious all that pain, fear and terror tastes in their dead carcasses. And let us not forget how all the chemicals we gave them cause cancer and that cooking them makes them carcinogenic then say, “How did I get cancer? I don’t even smoke”. We also take their babies away and kill them so we can drink their milk. BTW you are not lactose intolerant, it is just that you are just not a baby cow. But no one wants to here about any of that or they cannot enjoy drinking their “acceptable” amount of pus. It is disgusting and I will have no part of it.

That was only one topic and I wanted to list them all, overpopulation, the abuse, maltreatment and disrespect of women, racism, the oil industry, the drug industry, the healthcare industry, pollution, chemicals, global warming, an education system that assures the filling of our privately owned prisons, the unaccountability of our corporations, the unaccountability of firearm manufacturers, the conditioning and brainwashing that makes us believe it is all perfectly normal and acceptable. So many topics, so many aspects of each and every one. How did I ever believe that I could list them all, let alone explain them? In reality, it all comes down to the banking industry and ultimately falls into the lap of our worship of the almighty dollar. The dollar that has taken over every aspect of our lives. Always remember this, our money is kept in a safe with thick steel and concrete walls and armed guards while our children are in schools where any maniac with a gun can (and do) walk in and start shooting. Of course there are those morons who believe that this is because there are not enough guns in our schools. It is this mentality that has reduced our once great country to a sick, cancerous tumor on the ass of the Earth, not just because of the evil it perpetrates on others but on it’s own people, good people, who stand and watch, saying nothing.

Please, accept my sincere apology for the world you have inherited, I realize that I haven’t done enough.

What No One Wants to Hear

A great rift has arisen in the spiritual vs. religious arena. Sure, it has happened many times before but it now threatens to destroy not only our civilization but indeed, our very Planet. All too many have lost respect for God. He (if a supreme being can have a sex) has been reduced to some bearded guy, sitting on a cloud judging us. Many people may give some religion or another lip service but how can one honor God if they insist on destroying His greatest creation, the Earth? A concerted effort is even being made to ridicule those who do honor the Earth. They are called hippies or new-agers, whatever, just so the greedy and materialistic can keep up their destructive ways unimpeded. The Christians will claim that man was given stewardship of the Earth and all of it’s creatures. Killing everything is not good management. Even now, as science has deemed global warming to be manmade there are those who deny it. Even those scientists in the employ of the corporations doing the most harm can no longer deny it. But the public is still being misinformed and the individuals who are smart enough to see through all of this rhetoric are laughed at. Yes, our world is being destroyed as we speak. Our children will inherit a world dying from poisons, mass manmade extinctions, overpopulation and greenhouse gases but no one seems to care because the solutions are not economically viable.

Most don’t know it but the western civilization is the first non-spiritual civilization in our history. We no longer honor anything in nature. We place money and science above all, even our own children. The bible is now all too often used as a basis for hatred, bigotry and elitism. Some poor souls even think they are going to meet their maker with a gun in their hand. I like to use the gun angle as an example because it is so inflammatory. People either think that everyone should carry one with them at all times or that no one should have them at all. It’s so easy to manipulate people into one side or the other. Of course there are those who know better but we seem to be to a minority these days.

If you ask someone what they think about the topic, be sure to specify what you mean. Hunters and sportsmen are going to have a totally different idea of what guns are than one of these crazy survivalists. I, myself have no problem with guns from a sportsman point of view. Even from the point of view of protecting ones family. I believe that most people are responsible enough to have a shotgun and/or hunting rifle locked in the closet. The question is: Why do so many think it is a good idea to carry a pistol or to own military grade weapons? The only thing these type weapons are good for is killing people, lots of people, in a short period of time. In what possible scenario can they believe this is necessary or a good idea? On the other hand, if we try to keep these weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally incompetent, a great cry goes up “They want to take our guns away!” Well hell yes we do! If you believe that crap, you are definitely mentally incompetent. Only crazy people don’t want laws to keep crazy people from getting weapons. Well, them and the gun manufacturers, profit has no conscience.

Of course it is the gun manufacturers that stand to lose the most here. I mean come on now, we have a president who didn’t start any wars. How else can weapon makers make money? You start a panic. Have you ever considered how much money the alleged “zombie-apocalypse” has made for them? The point here is that people are so easy to manipulate. Even though these weapons kill 200 times more innocent people and family members than actual criminals, the gun manufacturers still have everyone convinced it is a good idea. Again, money is the biggest consideration and it is our children who get thrown under the bus.

Money has usurped all other values. You do not have to take my word for it though, just take a look around. Think of the Vatican or Joel Osteen or any of these alleged “Christians” on TV begging for your money(in the name of the Lord) to maintain their lavish lifestyles. They could be working to end world hunger or malaria or Ebola or whatever plague against mankind there is but no, not if it infringes upon their own comfort and riches.

And so the bible gets dragged into this. I’m sure that these alleged Christians only read the part of the bible that say’s “God helps those who help themselves” and never mind all the stuff about brotherly love, the warnings against greed, pride, avarice, being judgmental, intolerant or even about how we be good stewards of the Earth. They only see the parts where they can profit and feel “Holier than thou”. So, let us consider what things would be like if we were to find that all of these other parts of the bible were true.

I’m quite sure that most people will deem me crazy for believing in heaven as I do. The religious for my disbelief in the whole “pearly gates” type place and the atheists for my believing in it at all. The scientifically minded will scoff because, after all, according to them, we are all just empty meat-suits. Soulless accidents of chemical and electrical reactions that comprise our entire being. I shall endeavor to paint a very different picture. What if you were to die and find that you did indeed have a soul? What if Jesus or whatever deity you believe in were there holding the door to heaven open for everyone? Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, what have you, all going in. Yes, even un-baptized babies. What if you were the one who had to analyze and justify your life? I am going to use the gun issue again but please bear with me. Every major religion has a version of the “golden rule”: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Sure they are all worded a bit differently but it is plain to see that someone has sent this word to all peoples around the globe and that it essentially has the same meaning. Aboriginal peoples have never needed to hear this because they have always practiced it, it is the only way small bands of people can survive (the same can be said of the way they honor the Earth, they only take what is needed).

But, back to the gun thing. Remember not so long ago when the movie “American Sniper” came out? I would never watch such propaganda but I did see the trailer. In it the lead character say’s something like “I’m ready to meet my maker and account for every shot I took”. Now, we must remember, this was in a war that was waged for no reason at all. We invaded these countries on the pretext that we were protecting ourselves. That’s right, we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan because the Saudis blew up the WTC. The real reasons are much more complex and I will not go into all that right now. But we have a guy (who actually did die not long after this movie was made) who wants to justify killing all of those people. Can one actually look into their soul and think: “Hey, I’m an American, those ten commandments (or whatever) don’t apply to me. Americans wear the right uniform and pray to the right God, we can kill whoever we deem fit”. Sounds kind of silly like that doesn’t it. Well it should, it makes no sense and is so dangerous. Now, what if these people are not sent to hell? What if they actually have to learn that killing is always wrong? I am not just talking about Americans here. Nazis, militant Muslims, mass murderers of every ilk, everyone we have ever deemed to be evil, all having to atone for this behavior and learn these lessons before they can advance spiritually. And not just the ones who have acted on such misguided ideals but all those who have hated and fantasized about committing such crimes.

How can one justify these atrocities? Well, you can’t, you must then learn these lessons if you want to advance. Try to picture heaven as a group of concentric rings or circles. The nearer the center, the nearer you are to (for lack of a better word) God. Everyone makes it to the outer circle (I believe we always in an even further circle). But most of us want to advance, to get closer to and thus, be more like God. So, let’s say you get past the first circle, you get to the next and everyone is eating their favorite food. Mountains of ice cream, rivers of hot fudge, thick juicy steaks, everything you’ve always loved to eat is plentiful and free. How long do you tally here? Do you abandon your chance to get closer to God to gorge yourself? So let’s say you made it past the food, what about all of the other circles? There could be your favorite drug or alcohol or cigarettes or attractive, willing sex partners, hordes of gold and jewels, the finest shops, golf courses, cars whatever you desire are all there, free for the taking. What would stop you along the way on your quest for advancement? Let’s say you have now made it past all of these pitfalls along the way.

Now you are standing at the bottom of a staircase, your God or savior is on the next level. You only have to ascend the stairs to meet them but the stairs are crowded with hordes of others. People of every age, nationality, race, creed, color and religion are there and all are in your way. You sidestep, you push, you elbow your way to the top. Finally you make it! You have waited your entire life for this moment, you reach out to embrace your savior/deity only to see their eyes fill with tears as they look down to the floor. It is only then that realize, all of the others that, in your haste, you passed along the way, have more right to reach the top than you do. Instead of all the pushing and elbowing, you should have been helping and carrying others along the way. You should have been treating others the way you would have wished to have been treated.


I have been putting off writing on this subject for some time now, it can become so easily convoluted. One’s views on the topic are apt to change on a daily basis. There is a reason for that, plain and simple, aliens are beyond our comprehension. I’m sure that we lost a large part of our audience with that last remark but so be it. I’m tired of hearing people who think they have figured out the whole “alien agenda” thing. We cannot even comprehend how they got here, why is it that so many insist they know why they are coming here. Everyone seems to be stating “facts” about them. Well, we don’t have any facts. We do have millions of eyewitness accounts as well as plenty of ancient artifacts.

And with that, all the problems start. Eyewitness accounts, although they are enough to convict a murderer (even send them to death row), are nothing as far as science is concerned. How many times do we have to watch as honest, credible witnesses are slandered and maligned by some “scientist” who claims that astronauts, pilots, policemen and other trusted members of our community are said to have watched “Venus” zipping around the sky or that it was a “meteor” that stopped mid-flight and changed direction, color and/or shape? Are these “scientists” working for some secret agency to spread disinformation or are they just so stuck in their own closed minded paradigm that all opposing evidence must be wrong? Remember, a lot of these witnesses are pillars of our community. Even presidents are said to be mistaken, liars and nutcases. So why is it that when there is a UFO sighting that the mental health community does not come in to treat these poor mentally deficient idiots?

We must also consider the fact that these witnesses have nothing to gain and everything to lose by reporting these incidents. You would not think that a policeman, merely reporting what he saw, would have their integrity questioned but this is exactly what happens. It is a wonder anyone reports these incidents, witnesses stand to lose their jobs, family and credibility. Do you honestly believe people would put such things at risk for a hoax? Science takes none of this into consideration although it goes completely against human nature. Why is it that so few notice the untenable double standard science forces on us?

According to our media machine, we know that it is only low-life’s and trailer trash that believe in such nonsense, right? Not so, Stanton Friedman stated years ago that his research lead him to the conclusion that the reverse is actually true. He stated that the higher ones education and intelligence, the more apt they are to believe in aliens and UFOs. So, why all of the subterfuge? What stake does the media have in all this? I won’t claim to have any of those answers but we can make a few deductions. First, it is obvious that this campaign of disinformation has been around for a very long time.

We have all heard the story of “Roswell” and how the government couldn’t tell us about it because it would start another panic like the Orson Wells radio program “The War of the Worlds”. They still use the same tired cliché to explain why there is no government disclosure to this day. Do you, yourself know anyone that would actually lose their mind if they found out aliens were real? Neither do I. (Of course, this whole excuse is severely flawed by the fact that someone telling you that aliens exist is one thing, someone telling you that aliens have landed and are killing everyone, would tend to have a slightly different effect). At the same time, how can one of the worlds superpowers (USA) come out and say something like “Yes, UFOs and aliens are real. They have been flying in and out of our airspace for years and there is nothing we can do about it”? It’s never going to happen. And with this campaign of disinformation, we get the nonbelievers, those who are so conceited and smug in their surety that man is the apex of intelligence, that their logic tells them aliens therefore, cannot exist. All evidence to the contrary is irrelevant. Of course there is no solid evidence, a couple of incomprehensible implants maybe. I think of abductions this way: it’s like catching fish. A fish get’s pulled into a boat and then released. He swims back to his to his buddies and tells them about it. “Oh sure” they say, because they had never been abducted, “Come back when you have some proof!”. What chance does a fish have of proving it had been in a boat?

The laws of mathematical probability tell us that, with the staggering number of planets and galaxies out there, life on other planets is a given. As any proponent of S.E.T.I. will tell you, all we have to do is wait for one these advanced civilizations to invent the ham radio. Of course, we must then wait 11 years (as it would take for a signal to reach us from our nearest neighbor) and we could send a message back. All these beings would have to do is sit and pick their alien noses for 22 years and they would receive a reply. Yes, there are still children starving all over the world but this is the scenario we chose to spend our money on. And yes, these are the same people telling us that eyewitnesses are hallucinating because they feel that they absolutely must be the smartest beings in any galaxy or, or what, maybe they are scared of losing their tenure or something. I, personally cannot fathom why people must tell others that they are wrong or stupid, if it is just to further their own careers, that‘s pretty evil. I rather suspect that it is their own ignorance, prejudice and fear of the unknown that elicits this behavior.

Of course none of these alleged “scientists” do any actual research into any of these claims in the first place. They are quite satisfied to sit in the basement of academia and spout the theories of others and explain why such incidents never happened because of two things, one, their science does not allow for such possibilities and two, they weren’t there. To make claims about such incidents, when you were not even there to witness it, is extremely unscientific, if not just plain ludicrous. This is the problem with all science these days. Scientists come up with theories and then set out to prove them, instead of collecting the data first and then putting forth the hypothesis. I heard a great adage recently: “The plural of anecdote is data”. It’s fine with me if there are those who want to ignore this data but please, stop calling yourselves scientists!

Enough about whether or not they exist or who believes it. I will not be drawn any further into this load of crap. I have seen enough strange things flying around to know that anyone who tells you otherwise, is lying. My big question now is that if Einstein was right, then how do they get here? It seems quite obvious that, to be able to traverse such unimaginable distances, one would need to travel faster than light. That is not supposed to be possible in the third dimension so logically, we can conclude that it would involve being able to shift dimensions. Maybe what we have always considered to be extraterrestrial, is actually extra-dimensional. Certainly not a new theory but this would go a long way in helping to explain the whole abduction phenomenon. We, living in the 3rd dimension have no concepts or references to help us understand any other dimensions. Many abductees have said that the aliens told them “If you remember this (abduction incident), you will die”. This certainly sounds like an ominous threat but what if they were just explaining a fact? What if our 3rd dimensional brains are just unable to cope with the fact and reality that it had been in another dimension. What if remembering such travels would actually end your life, if not physically then at least mentally and/or emotionally? Maybe it is not a threat but a warning.

A lot of scientists now believe in “String theory”. To make this theory work, one must believe in the fact that we live in a “multi-verse”. That is, that there must be other dimensions (12 to 20), to explain how and why matter behaves as it does. Think about that for a second, people who are (supposedly) much smarter than you or I, are now saying that our universe is not a universe at all. They now claim that their research or theories tell them that we must be living in a “multiverse“. Personally, I am not so surprised by this, people have been seeing things come and go from other dimensions since, well, since there have been people. Of course science steps in again and claims that all of the writings, all of the sacred texts, all of the stone-works, petroglyphs, cave paintings, etc; etc; etc; are all myths. None of it ever happened. I’m so impressed that science knows more about what happened thousands of years ago than the people who were actually there. One of my favorite examples of this is the “Turin papyrus”. The Turin papyrus lists all of the leaders of Egypt, going back tens of thousands of years. Egyptologists use this list to sort out who ruled when, well, to a point. When documents such as this go a bit too far back in time or have rulers serving longer than an average human’s lifetime (by today’s standards), they explain that these lists are just myth. Does this make all of the past rulers of Egypt myth or just the ones science has deemed unacceptable?

It would seem to me that now, science is in a bit of a quandary. How can it keep up the pretense that aliens, Sasquatch, Angels, demons, etc; are all imaginary, while on the other hand, claiming that there has to be 12-20 different dimensions or realities. I don’t know if you have ever thought about different dimensions before but take my word for it, it is extremely difficult if not impossible thing to do. I realize that man believes firmly that he can understand anything and everything but this is just not true. I have watched a couple of videos that try to explain what another dimension would be like. They totally lost me, they were mostly about the mathematics of it. I don’t even think they tried to explain another dimension, I think they just tried to explain what an object in another dimension would look like. There are some things man just cannot fathom. Like it or not, we are stuck here in the third dimension, as long as we are alive anyway. This also means our brains are stuck in the third dimension. If you don’t believe me about this, go ahead and try imagining another dimension:

Instead of the foreboding task of imagining a higher dimension, try to imagine a lower one. The second dimension should be easier to understand than the fourth, right? I have seen those who have tried to depict something in two dimensions, it is often a disk or a square having two dimensions, height and width so we can see it. But think about it this
way, even if this example was printed on extremely thin paper, it would still have depth. Now, I’m sure that there are those out there saying that I am splitting hairs and paper is thin enough. Yes, paper could be considered being two dimensional but it does, in fact, have three dimensions. So, how thin would something have to be to be considered to have only two dimensions? If something were but an atom thick, it would still be detectable here in the third dimension. The same can be said of something in the first dimension. Something with only one dimension, is expressed as a point. That’s fine mathematically, but when we try to depict it, we still have a three dimensional representation. So we must ask ourselves, how big is this hypothetical point? Because if it has any size at all, it also has three dimensions.

You can begin to see the problem of trying to imagine other dimensions with a 3d brain. So if these “aliens” come from another dimension, how could we even hope to communicate with them? Logically, telepathic communication would be the easiest way to exchange ideas but seeing as this has been reported repeatedly and pooh-poohed by “science“, let’s not mention it.

What if it were indeed like the question posed by the “Mothman” movie: “Have you ever seen a cockroach?” “Yes” “Did you ever try to communicate with one?”. To me, this is where science (and a lot of humankind) loses it, they cannot admit or accept (nor even consider), that there may be something out there that is smarter or superior in any way. Maybe it has nothing to do with science or evil conspiracies or any of it, maybe it is just our egos that will not permit the belief of superior beings. Well, that and the fact that mankind eats meat. Why meat? Because when people eat meat, they do so because they feel superior to the “dumb animals” they are eating. If a being comes along that is superior to them, then by that logic, the superior beings could in turn, eat them. Turn-about being fair-play and all, it‘s not something man will ever contemplate.

You can see where mankind would have to change it’s lifestyle a bit, if not overhaul it’s entire civilization. Besides the aforementioned dietary change, we would pretty much have to redo our society in general, for how can mankind expect to stand among these highly technologically advanced beings (whom some in our past have even called gods), when we live as we do? Why would they possibly want to talk to us? I don’t know if you’ve ever taken a good look at the world we have created for ourselves but it ain’t pretty. The skies are choked with pollution and chemtrails. Ungodly amounts of rainforest and virgin timber are being destroyed as we speak. Flora and fauna going extinct on a nearly daily basis. The oceans are being fished out and filled with mercury. It seems that what truly sets us apart from the animals, is our penchant to foul our own nest.

Wars are still fought in the name of one religion or another but in the end, wars are fought for capitalism and/or greed. Here in the states, we have a pharmaceutical/insurance/healthcare industry that makes billions upon billions of dollars by keeping people sick. We are afraid of “terrorists” while we slaughter each other at a rate terrorists could never match. And no matter what, there are still children (and adults) starving. So, for everyone who has ever wondered “If aliens are real, why don’t they show themselves?”, I would think that watching how we treat each other would be a sufficient deterrent, it would certainly scare me off.

So, here is what we know so far: 1) We don’t know everything. 2) Science, which now tells us there is more than one dimension, is somehow sure that nothing can come or go from other dimensions. 3) Science, while claiming we are the acme of intelligence, is spending billions of dollars trying to contact a higher intelligence. 4) We will really have to clean up our act if we ever want to meet or be accepted by other beings.

Jesus (sort of) reams Christians

I realise that no one believes in prophets anymore. I am sure mental wards are quite full of them. Perhaps you also think me mad because you see, I converse with Our Lord regularly. No, He does not stand next to me, whispering in my ear, making me question my own sanity. Rather, he whispers to my heart, smiling at the light that dwells within, making me face the darkness of not only my own heart but showing me the darkness within us all. He whispers that above all else, His, was a message of love. I feel the time has come to share this with all who would listen.

Right off, I will tell you that He is not like the church would have us believe. We have used his name to commit all manner of atrocities and so, has let it be known why He cannot/will not return anytime soon. First off, we have used His name to forgive us our many sins. Christians tell us that no matter what sins we commit, He will forgive us, if we are repentant. We no longer need the ten commandments or the golden rule, just do as you please and repent at the end, all will be forgiven. Let me add here that I realise I am over-simplifying and that I too, am a sinner. According to the Bible, the neighbours should all come out to stone me, for I love shellfish and cannot seem to repent for it. Be it cockles and mussels, clams or prawns I find them all quite delicious. I know that I can expect an eternity in hell for doing so, along with the other “sinners“. I have also worn garments of a different weave at same time, yes, according to the Bible, it will be those like myself along with those who plant different crops in the same field and homosexuals who will dwell in the netherworld. It sounds like rather good company to me, if we consider all the greedy, hateful, warmongering, gun toting, nature-raping polluters who are supposed to be going to heaven. With my luck, I would probably be seated with Bush and Blair and Hitler. (Those last bits were all from own anger and judgmental issues, not His).

But, I am supposed to be relating what Jesus said, not what will happen to a bloke such as I although, I do seem to make a good example for the topic. You see, I could never ask Jesus (or anyone else) to forgive me for that which I could not forgive myself. The Christians will tell you that none shall enter heaven except through the Lord. While that is true, I have news, good for some, bad for others. Getting into heaven does not depend on your relationship with Jesus. It does not matter if you have ever even heard of Him. What matters is in your heart. One may go to worship every Sunday and tithe all they want but their chances are no better than an Aborigine who has never even heard of a Bible. From the earliest of times, man has always believed that there is a being waiting on the other side to measure and weigh the contents of our hearts. Just because it has fallen out of style doesn’t make it any less true. I would much rather arrive at the gates and say “O Lord, please forgive me, I am weak and your shellfish are so delicious…”. Rather than something like “O Lord, please forgive me for hating/killing/starting wars etc. Although I have read the ten commandments, I am an American (or whatever rationalisation we deem fit) and didn’t think they applied to me…” or some such rot. Of course eating shellfish is not my only sin but I am speaking of repentance here, of owning up to our transgressions. He will not be checking your ethnicity, sexual preferences, religion, etc; if your heart is worthy, He will hold the door wide.

(There are those who will tell you that if a baby dies before it has been baptised, it will go to hell, really? The God of light and love and peace is going to cast out a baby? He would not cast out a baby for any reason. Hell is not a place of fire and demons, hell is being cut off from God. There are not many ways this can happen. I do believe that one will be cast out if you consciously deny Him or hate and/or needlessly kill any of His creations. Imagine this: a feeble minded or mentally handicapped person is coerced or brainwashed into becoming a suicide bomber. He goes out and blows up a crowd of people, including himself. One can hardly think of anything worse, any bigger sin. How could such an evil person enter heaven? Of course, he is fictional and we cannot say what is in his heart but I will never believe that God would cast someone out for being gullible or stupid.)

None seem to have any understanding of how it all works, yet so many are adamant in their beliefs. If one were to actually read the Bible with ones heart, it is not hard to discern the truths it holds. Jesus has made known to me the problems with the word of the Bible. It has been rewritten, edited, translated, construed and misconstrued so many times that you can read whatever you like into it. We use it’s words to hate the gays or the Muslims or the pacifists or whomever we want, we have obscured the light it holds. The minority being those who read into the spirit in which it was written.

If one reads the words “Fight the good fight”, how does one apply this knowledge? Does one take this to mean “Oppose all who are not Christian”? Do we use these words to kill, hate and/or sustain our prejudices or do we read it as to fight against these things, to fight against the prejudices and injustices, to fight our way back into His good graces? Does it mean we should arm ourselves with the latest weapons or that we should fight to provide for the needy and underprivileged? There are such huge discrepancies between the things Jesus said and stood for and the things Christians seem to believe in these days.

(As an example, let‘s look at gambling here. We all know that He became quite irate when He saw the money changers in the Temple. We all know that gambling has been frowned upon since they gambled for His clothes. Now, one can walk into any church and play “Bingo”. Sure, they are not shooting craps or drawing lots but they pay the church money in the hopes of winning more money. That, to me, is gambling. I am NOT trying to make some big anti-gambling moral statement here. I am merely using it to show how things get misconstrued down through the ages. The question is not whether or not you would be cast out for it but rather, would Jesus really be OK with it?)

He has made it quite clear to this one that He was a total pacifist, His compassion and caring for this world surpassed only by His love for humanity. Not just His love of Christians (of course, there were no Christians in His day) but His love and concern for us as a race, one race. For there is more genetic diversity in a group of fifty chimpanzees than in the entirety of the human race, we truly are all the same. But there are SO many contributing factors to our present state of prejudice and intolerance. As a species, we are extremely visually oriented, which does not help the situation of racial tension. Add to this the fact that we are pretty much programmed from birth to fit into our little niches and it becomes clear that it is nearly impossible to remain unbiased. This goes far beyond race of course. One can too often see the distain between the sexes, the young and old, the rich and poor. These are only a few examples of local tensions, when we look globally, it is overwhelming. It is not surprising that no matter how advanced we become, wars are still waged.

There are those who take the fact that the Bible has been rewritten and mistranslated, to mean that God does not exist. By this “logic” we could say that a person did not exist because their birth certificate contains a misspelling or has gone missing. We apply our human foibles to God. I will never understand how one can see the wonders of this world and believe it was all an accident. That we indeed are all accidents of chemicals and electric impulses, soulless meat-suits, living meaningless lives.

It has all left Jesus quite embarrassed. He never meant for His words or name to be used to start the crusades, the inquisition, the witch trials, the slaughter of native peoples pretty much everywhere that had no Bibles. And, if He were to return, what do you think would be the last thing He would want to see? A cross of course. A cross could not hold good memories. How is it that He came to be represented by a roman instrument of death and torture? And how about the way we celebrate His return from death? Can one truly believe that He would enter your house for an Easter celebration when it is inundated with smell of pork cooking? He was Jewish! Do you really think He would shake your hand when there is a gun in your belt? He was a pacifist! Why would he care about how nice your home and car are when there are children starving? Besides the fact that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. The opposing viewpoint is that “the Lord helps those who help themselves”. That may be true but none seem to ask just how much they truly need. Let me reiterate, THERE ARE CHILDREN STARVING. Do you really need an ass warmer in your $50,000 auto? It seems no one thinks about (or realises) that there is a huge difference between what we want and what we truly need.

I realise that I have not done a very good job keeping my own personal commentary out of all this. This is because He taught me how He thinks and feels about these things without giving me the actual words. What it all comes down to my friend, is that we have a very odd way of honouring that which we are supposed to be holding sacred. Allow me to recap here:

We start wars, carry guns and wear crosses, believing it condoned by a pacifist
We gamble in His temple
We cook a ham to honour He who was Jewish
We condemn/hate others in the name of He who said “Judge not, lest ye be judged”
We have used His name to commit genocide and all manner of atrocities
We have taken the incongruities of the Bible to mean that there is no God

I did not write this to save anyone’s soul or to prove any religion is better than another (a true religion would never discount the beliefs of another). I wrote this because all we would have to do to have a better world is to follow the ten commandments and the golden rule. Honouring Gods creations wouldn’t hurt either, Remember, the golden rule doesn’t say “Do unto other humans…” it says “Do unto others…”. The same is true of the commandment “Thou shall not kill“, it could not hurt to apply it to all of His creatures. With these eleven rules, we no longer have to wonder, WWJD?

UFOs and aliens

First, I must say that NO ONE can get into any kind of ship and travel to another solar system. At least, not if one believes in the Einstein theory and Newtonian physics. No, even if one could travel such incomprehensible distances, even if one could do it in a single lifetime (which is impossible in itself), one would have no way of knowing when they would arrive. Let me explain: If they had the technology to make such a journey, they could say “I’m going to Earth, if I leave now I should arrive there in about 1,200 years”. So, they leave and 1,200 years pass… for them. On Earth, there would be no way of telling how much time has passed, it would NOT be 1,200 years though, again, if you believe Einstein. Well, I do believe Einstein, he was right about everything else. Time being relevant and all, it would pass much differently here than for our space traveler. So, where do these UFOs come from? There is NO denying that they exist. There is no denying that they are intelligently controlled. I am getting a tad overwhelmed by all the possibilities and theories here so bear with, I shall have to jump around a bit.

So, a UFO is just what name suggests UNIDENTIFIED! Let’s not call every anomaly zipping around the heavens a “spaceship”. On the other hand, let’s not call every anomaly zipping around the heavens “Venus” either. We seem to have zealots on both sides of the fence and no one in the middle trying to actually figure out what the hell is going on. There may be some big conspiracy behind it all, I won’t claim to know that but I do know that there is not enough unbiased investigating going on. However, I shall attempt just such a feat. Good lord, as I write this, I see a “scientist” on TV explaining how weather and plasma cause crop circles!?!? A very good example of “science” being biased and trying to prove a forgone conclusion instead of looking for truth. I guess that if one is capable of looking at crop circle and believing it could form by random, natural forces, then there is no amount of logic one could apply to change their mind. It truly is science without logic and that in itself is counter-intuitive, if not totally inane. Did I say inane? I should have said “unscientific”.

So, if these these UFOs are not coming from space, what are they and were do they come from? I think that to totally understand any of it, we must explore what science does and does not know. On the molecular level, science tells us that we are all made of atoms, everything is. Now they are trying to figure out what atoms are made of. It gets very complicated here but suffice it to say that the best or latest theory is that the particles that make up these atoms are actually coming and going from our dimension constantly. If the particles that we are made of are popping in out of existence, wouldn’t that mean that we are doing the same? It all makes you wonder just what reality is. Again, I will not claim to have any of those answers but I will never believe we are “in the matrix” or that we are a reflection of data on some far out black-hole. The point is that science is telling us that there are other dimensions out there, or actually, right here. Religions have always told us of other dimensions, I mean, if there is a heaven and/or hell and we can’t see them (while we are alive), they must be in another dimension. Why would it be such huge leap to believe that there are beings who occupy these other dimensions?

Everyone loves to laugh at these people who claim to have been abducted by aliens. These poor souls are always the victims of ridicule, as if they haven’t been through enough. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that these people have been through something very traumatic. I have read a few books on this subject and I must say, the more one learns about it, the more confusing it gets. What I did figure out about it, is that not all abductions happen in a physical sense. I believe that many people have actually had their consciousness abducted. It is when they report that their body has been abducted that it gets scary. They tell of things like physical exams and some sort of “hybrid” experiments. The conspiracy people would have us believe these aliens are trying to breed hybrids that can survive in our atmosphere. I think it goes deeper than that, I think that they are trying to breed hybrids that can live in our dimension. No matter where you believe they come from, it was not here, thus, they are not actually in our dimension (no matter that they can manifest here). Wow, that needs some splainin Lucy! The word I need here is “density”. Anything that visits Earth, no matter from where it came, would not know our density. We have been here dealing with the Earth’s gravity and eating meat for millions of years, that is something you can’t just pop in and overcome, it extremely dense here. The same would be true of someone coming here from a higher density. If one from a lower density would be crushed by our gravity then one from a higher density would explode. That is why they cannot interact with us physically and why we hear stories of these “grey” aliens and robotic creatures, they are NOT aliens, they are merely constructs sent here to do the “aliens” bidding or maybe even provide a vehicle for an alien consciousness.

Confused yet? I know I am but let’s see where we are so far. We know that our atoms are popping in and out of existence. We have surmised that it is pretty damn impossible to travel here from another solar system (without jumping dimensions anyway). We know that there are things flying around our Earth we cannot explain. We know that there are those of us who have seen things that defy explanation. Be it ghosts, demons, angels or aliens, something is going on and the only way to explain any of it is that these things are coming and going from other dimensions. Now here’s my point: For thousands of years we have called these things angels, demons, elves, faeries or whatever is “in” at the time. In the forties, we decided they were from other planets. I am sitting here telling you they come from other dimensions. It does seem to be the most plausible conclusion but think about this: What will believe about them in another hundred years?


  It seems that there is not a subject left that doesn’t piss me off. I don’t have the time to wait for someone to suggest one, so I’m just going to start rambling. Let’s see, science, politics, religion? How about our poisoned, processed, nutrition-less food supply? Actually, I wanted to get into UFOs and ancient civilizations but let’s start with something a bit more mundane. We all have grass growing in our yards, right? If not, you are to be commended. No, not because you killed it, because you didn’t buy into all the bullshit hype that surrounds the industry. EVERYTHING IS AN INDUSTRY. Let me make that clear before we can discuss ANY subject. The lawn care industry would seem the least insidious but it is destroying our environment all the same. We know that there is barely enough fresh water for our children to survive, their children, of course, are totally screwed. Yet consider how much of this resource is being being poured on the ground so our yards look a little better. That’s not the half of it though, no, we must also dump tons of untested chemicals on them. These chemicals cannot get patented, they are poisonous (no, they won’t kill you out-right but they poison our lakes, rivers and groundwater) and would never get approval. So, what you have to do is apply for a patent, then, when it gets turned down, you change your formula a bit and reapply. It’s simple really, even a child could find a way to destroy life on Earth. I know, destroying life on Earth is nearly impossible but destroying “life as we know it” would be all too easy.

  Anyway, we have this big industry telling us we are less of a person if our lawn isn’t lush and green. We would be embarrassed  if we were not doing our part to destroy the environment. Our neighbors would think us irresponsible if we gave one damn thought about our children and their children. Think about the implications, I haven’t even covered all of the ways our lawns effect our lives. There is also noise pollution (from mowing, clipping, blowing, edging etc.) air pollution that all those stir up and the oil companies that get rich from fueling it all. Shall I go on? No, I doubt anyone wants to hear any of it, they want to look out the window and enjoy their lawn.

 Yes, I could go on and on but would it change anything? Can I really influence you enough that you will not out and buy some “round-up” to kill those pesky weeds? No, if I’ve learned anything in my many years on this planet, it’s that people (sheeple) don’t give a damn about themselves or their children… until something goes wrong. Then they will do anything to save themselves. That’s why we have a “healthcare industry” instead of healthcare. Not many realize it, but the healthcare industry is now the third largest cause of death in the US. Yes, third, right up there with heart disease, cancer and accidents. No one realizes it because there is no one culprit. The physicians misdiagnose, are guilty of malpractice and worst of all, they cure no one! They are certainly not “healers”, they only alleviate symptoms. Sure, there are those who can reset your leg if you break it but that is seldom the reason we go to them. We’ve all seen the ads, “If you’re on an anti-depressant, try new dammitol, it could help your anti-depressant alleviate your symptoms”. What kind of an idiot would take that crap? Thousands of idiots obviously. The sad part is that there is not one doctor out there trying to find out what is causing your depression in the first place. Here’s the big secret: if they cured you, they would be out of a job! 

 The same is true for any disease, cancer, migraines, acid re-flux, you name it. You will never know what is causing your symptoms, not from a doctor anyway. I have even heard that if there were a cure for cancer, it would destroy our economy. I’m not sure about that but you have to admit, a lot of people would be out of work. Yes, there is definitely a “cancer industry”. No one is looking for the cure that will put them out of business. But the physicians are not the only ones to blame. We also have the drug companies, the hospitals, the advertising industry and the media that keeps it all rolling. Some want to blame the FDA but that is because they think the FDA tests food and drugs. THEY DO NOT! If you research them, you will find that all they do is compile the evidence. The drug companies are responsible for their own products. They pay a third party to do all the research and then present it to the FDA. No room for any monkey business in that equation… HA! If you ever turn your TV on, you know that there are only two kinds of drugs available, the ones that have been recalled and the ones that are going to be recalled. The question is: how many people have to die before this happens? If there are 4 million people getting their symptoms alleviated by a certain product, does anyone really give a shit about the 30 or 40 people who died from taking it? The drug companies and the FDA don’t care until enough people die to get media coverage.

 I’m just getting started here and I’m out of time. Now that EVERY aspect of our lives have been industrialized, polluted and convoluted, I can no longer keep silent. Why not come back next time and see if there is something you can do to help our children have a place to live? Besides, I’m just getting warmed up.

1st Post (a brief summary)

  This for everyone out there telling me I should be blogging, everyone that likes my my writing and all of those tired of hearing me bitch. I finally have a chance to explain myself. I know it seems like I hate the USA, that is not why I bitch about it so much. Quite the opposite is true, I love it and I bitch because of what we have let it become. We could be the greatest country in the world. I know every American out there thinks we already are the greatest but being able to kick other countries asses does NOT make us great. It actually does the opposite. I have been in the military, I know the mentality. I have never been in a war and I am glad of that fact, I doubt I would have been able to save my sanity if I had. Anyway, our “great” country does NOT have a very good record going these days. Sure we have the best medical technology there is but what good is it when such a small percentage of us have access to it? We have some of the lowest math and scholastic scores. We have a VERY high obesity rate. We know there will be no fresh water left for our grandchildren yet we dump what is left on our lawns, we fill our lakes and streams with fertilizers and pesticides. But as bad as all  these things are, what gets me is that we are proud of them. We take pleasure in our right to poison our future generations. We are proud to be fat and stupid. We revel in our capacity to murder. We ridicule all who realize our folly. We do not take care of our fellow countrymen and call countries that do “socialists” and “commies”. We are coerced into committing all manner of atrocities, we will not be embarrassed. I hope this makes sense to you, we could make this country great again but it cannot happen through fear, bigotry and coercion. It can can only come about by logic and compassion.

Hello world!

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